Windsor teak garden bench – curved back with 4 seaters


Windsor teak garden bench: lovely and famouse design with the curved back and made from solid wood. The 4 seaters outdoor living with a gentle touch.

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Windsor teak garden bench featuring the famouse and lovely curved back and made of solid wood that will withstand all weather conditions.

This classic design wooden bench  is a versatile piece of outdoor furniture with enough room for 3 to 4 people. Its curved back offers superb comfort and adds a hint of romanticism to gardens, patios and parks while still staying true to the classic design.

Home assembly is made easy as all parts are numbered and no glue is required.


Length 180cm, Depth 66cm, Height 96cm


You may already know the windsor chairs: solid wooden seats into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, or pushed into drilled holes, in contrast to standard chairs, where the back legs and the uprights of the back are continuous.

This bench shares the same rounded back design, yet it’s well made from teak wood, well known as one of the most durable material preferred by manufacturers and retailers.

There is plenty of advantages when you buy a teak wood furniture: durability, versatility, eco-friendly, safety.


Would you like to complement each kind of home and garden décor?

This piece of furniture will look wonderful both indoor and outdoor and will make any garden a romantic place where you can spend beautiful moments with your mate and family.


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