Teak garden bench – London classic wooden seat


Teak garden bench “London” – classic design wooden seat suitable for any outdoor area, garden, patio, courtyard, porch, park. Your evergreen outdoor living.

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Teak garden bench “London”: the classic design wooden seat ideal for any outdoor space (garden, courtyard, porch, patio, terrace, park, etc.).

This outdoor living furniture seats 2-3 people. Its timesless and elegant design makes it the perfect addition to any place.

All parts are numbered and no glue is required for assembly.


Length 130cm, Depth 66cm, Height 92cm


Why should you buy a teak garden bench?

The durability of the natural furniture makes it a suitable choice for facing the unpredictable weather condition that may occur in the garden.

Your teak bench will be natural, durable, dynamic, safe and healthy.

Wood blends perfectly with the natural environment, it’s eco-friendly and remain beautiful even without extravagant painting or polish: its natural coat is already enough to make it attractive.

Wooden garden furniture’s, especially teak, are known to be the most long-lasting furniture that you can find.

Wood can be combined with various other materials as well as used by itself.

Last but not least, wooden furniture does not emit any harmful toxins, nor is it dangerous to make. Further more, it is also easy to recycle when they reach their natural end.

Do you like the direct contact with nature and the relaxing feeling it can give? Buy a teak bench right now.

Don’t you have a garden or patio? The London teak bench will look wonderful indoors too: imagine it in your hallway or living room to add some original and unusual, yet unforgettable touch to your home décor.


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